List of our specializations

Catalytic systems

For reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the drying air is used catalyst beds with a catalyst. Where combustion takes place at these VOC to permitted level.

Cooling system filtration.

Industrial filtration with cooling of flue gas. Heat exchanger – flue gas cooler – is designed to reach limiting temperature condition of onward filtration process.

ORC systems

Organic Rankine Cycle is steam flow circulation for generation of electricity. Heat exchanger is determined to preheat/vaporize of suitable organic fluid.

Thermal energy recuperation

Recuperative heat exchanger is designed to recover heat from operating medium to second medium. This increases the efficiency of the system and therefore lowering the running costs.

VOC freeze drying

Air mass containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is undercooled in unit type called VAKAKOND and condensating on heat exchanging surface. Condensate water is led into sewage piping.

Waste heat utilization

Effective way to save expenses to heat up of service water is to install appropriate heat exchanger behind device with sufficient temperature of flue gases.

Water vapour condensation

Condensing heat exchangers are used for recover latent heat from flue gases, usually of natural gas. Condensing heat exchangers are determined to increase boiler efficiency.